Due to the ongoing COVID19 pandemic, we are not taking any bookings for supervised climbing sessions.
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”Most people who attended a Top Rope Refresher re-gain the skills and confidence they need to climb safely and independently within the hour”

What is it?

The Top Rope Refresher is private tuition and consolidation for adults who haven't climbed for a while. They may feel their skills are a bit rusty and would, therefore, benefit from a refresher/assessment, before tying in and climbing unsupervised.

During the session, the instructor will observe how you use the equipment and assess your belaying technique. Your instructor will offer reassurance (or corrective instruction and guidance) as required, continually assessing your safety and competence throughout.

At the end of the session, the instructor will advise you on the next course of action; this advice will depend on the skill and knowledge you have shown during the session.

Groups size: Max 2

All equipment is provided

Note: If you are being assess on your own i.e. a 1:1 session, you will need to bring a friend who is willing and able to climb whilst the instructor observes you and your belaying. Your friend doesn't need to have any climbing experience and can climb for free.

Top Rope Refresher


Age 16+

1 Hour Private Tuition

Learning Session

All Equipment Included

Discount Voucher


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