Competition Rules

These rules apply to the Winter bouldering series, TBC Series, qualifiers for The Big Flash & qualifiers for the TBC Masters. 

The Flash Championship rules, which follows a slightly amended version of the IFSC Rules, the general competitions here at Highball are pretty straightforward with a relaxed atmosphere. For example, everyone scores themselves using their own scorecard which you’ll normally pick up at reception. These rules apply to the Winter Bouldering LeagueTBC Series, qualifiers for The Big Flash & qualifiers for the TBC Masters.

If it’s your first comp, speak to a member of the crew for a few pointers – if you’re lucky, they may even point you in the direction of one of the easier problems!

The Basic Rules

  • Start on holds marked by coloured tape – there may be one or two start holds.
  • You must not work (practice) the moves in the problems. If you fall off, your next attempt must begin on the start holds again.
  • All wall features are allowed unless instructed otherwise.
  • Bolts holes are not a ‘feature’!
  • All problems finish by matching both hands on the last hold in a controlled manner.
  • Bonus holds are marked with tape.
  • Bonus Holds only count if you do not complete the problem.
  • Bonus Holds must be held, not just touched.


  • Use an ‘X’ for a successful attempt
  • A ‘dash’ (dash) for a failed attempt
  • Score yourself as shown on the score sheet
  • All scores must be entered online during the evening of the comp, ask Crew for QR code or URL


  • Climb Safely, Have Fun, But…..
  • #GetClimbing
Year of Event Veteran Senior Youth A Youth B Youth C Youth D
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2019 In or Before 1973 1974-2001 2002-2003 2004-2005 2006-2007 2008-2009