Due to the ongoing COVID19 pandemic, we are not taking any bookings for supervised climbing sessions.
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IMPORTANT UPDATE: We are currently revamping our Ladies Nights. Keep your eyes peeled for updates to the program!

When we opened our doors back in 2012, Highball was a fairly male-dominated environment. In the last few years, this has changed for the better.  We are proud to be inclusive and provide a safe and respectful area for everyone to enjoy climbing in. Focussing on women’s participation on specific nights helps erode the view that climbing is for men. 

Each month we offer various sessions suitable for complete beginners through to seasoned climbers. There are taster sessions, bouldering inductions, and open coaching sessions, all hosted by our top team of instructors and coaches. All sessions have super discounts, or are completely free after paying your normal entry fee. The minimum age is 12, so it’s a great family event too.

All the sessions are group sessions and a great way of meeting like minded women and many go on to form great climbing friendships!

We often hear ‘but I’ve got no upper body strength!’ Strength is only one element of climbing. Balance, movement and flexibility are far more important to a skilled climber. Female climbers might not always be as strong, but tend to be better in these areas than male counterparts.

If you have any questions, give us a call or drop us an email or facebook message and we’ll get back to you ASAP.


WOMENS NIGHT : Frequently Asked Questions

No. Our Intro Courses are perfect for both newcomers and those with previous climbing experience who want a more comprehensive refresher. If you have never climbed before, however, it may be beneficial to book a Taster Session first.

Depending on what type of session you are taking part in will determine how many climbs you get. With our Taster Sessions we will give you as many opportunities as possible to climb, our more instructional sessions will focus on safety and techniques alongside climbing. It all depends on how confident you feel too, our instructors won't force you to the top but gently encourage to where you are comfortable.

We have a mixture of climbs and challenges suitable for all ages. If you want to get to the top, we’re sure you will be able to. Our instructors will not push you or your children further than they want to go; ‘the top’ will come with confidence.

We have a maximum working ratio of 1 to 8, however, most courses operate on a maximum 1 to 6. We feel this offers increased value for money and time on the wall. Ultimately, instructors have the final say and will make changes if they feel necessary.