The Masters Comp is an event where ‘That Boulder Comp’ competitors get to experience and take part in a World Cup style bouldering competition with qualifiers and a grand final!

We created the TBC series to cater for the majority of people who use our centre, those climbing up to Font 6b. It’s a fun competition for all ages, perfect for people who are relatively new to climbing or those who don’t take it too seriously but still like a challenge!
It’s for fun, for the experience and it doesn’t matter where you finish. Come and get involved. No matter how little you climb or what you think of your ability, this is the comp for you. It’s a great social event.

The qualifiers will be a similar format to our regular TBC Nights, with the grand final being staged on the X-CULT Comp Wall in front of friends, family and a supportive Highball crowd.

There are normally 2 qualifying rounds to reduce cramped climbing; both qualifiers will include the same amount of blocs up to 6b.

The top 10 male and female competitors (regardless of age category) will go through to the grand final.

The 10 men and women who qualified will take on 4 problems, each ‘on sight’, with each problem judged independently.

It’s going to be a very exciting couple of hours and every competitor will feel the support of an excited Highball crowd, who will cheer on the finalists as they crank, crimp and crush their way up the blocs!

Please note: any under 18’s that wish to participate will either need to be signed off (have a Green Card), have an over 18 supervise them or book onto one of our supervised sessions.