After School Club

A 6-Weekly programme designed to take your child from beginner to independent climber

Each 75 minute session is led by a qualified climbing coach. Covering safe use of the centre, climbing technique, and basic training to keep them safe, fit, and injury free

Our Junior Coaching Programme is the next step for young climbers who are looking to learn and improve in a safe and encouraging environment

Personal progression is our key outcome achieved through a structured coaching plan derived from the National Indoor Bouldering Award Scheme (NIBAS)


Our Objectives

+ Environments that engage, inspire, develop and challenge at every opportunity
+ Creating skilled boulderers who can understand the risks of the sport while keeping themselves and others safe
+ Cultivating an environment where young climbers can improve their technique, and personal progression, both on and off the wall

The 6 week development club started on the week commencing 7th June 2021. The next collection will be bookable again after the summer holidays.

NIBAS - How does it work?

Highball Climbing Centre is an awarding centre for NICAS (National Indoor Climbing Award Scheme) and NIBAS (National Indoor Bouldering Award Scheme). Both schemes consist of 5 awards which provide structured coaching, development and achievement for aspiring young climbers, and are integrated into our regular program.

NIBAS focuses on Indoor Bouldering only. Progression through the 5 levels can take a young climber from a complete beginner to a highly skilled boulderer who can not only climb well but understands the risks of the sport and how to keep themselves and others safe.

The coaching program is suitable for young boulderers who want to learn how to climb safely in an indoor climbing environment, improve their climbing technique and achieve a high-performance level.

For more information and to view the handbook click here.

YOUTH CLIMBING DEVELOPMENT : Frequently Asked Questions

No. Our Intro Courses are perfect for both newcomers and those with previous climbing experience who want a more comprehensive refresher. If you have never climbed before, however, it may be beneficial to book a Taster Session first.

Depending on what type of session you are taking part in will determine how many climbs you get. With our Taster Sessions we will give you as many opportunities as possible to climb, our more instructional sessions will focus on safety and techniques alongside climbing. It all depends on how confident you feel too, our instructors won't force you to the top but gently encourage to where you are comfortable.

We have a mixture of climbs and challenges suitable for all ages. If you want to get to the top, we’re sure you will be able to. Our instructors will not push you or your children further than they want to go; ‘the top’ will come with confidence.

We have a maximum working ratio of 1 to 8, however, most courses operate on a maximum 1 to 6. We feel this offers increased value for money and time on the wall. Ultimately, instructors have the final say and will make changes if they feel necessary.