Highball is temporarily closed and we expect it to be for more than ‘just a few weeks’. We hope this will be a temporary closure and will do everything we can behind the scenes to come out of this as strong as possible. Read our Blog post for the full statement.




 Our Vision is to make Highball 'a great place to work, climb, train and hang out'.

We are passionate about climbing; it's our core focus. Climbing activities are fun, challenging (physically and mentally), and easy to get started. That's why it's one of the fastest-growing sports in the world.

Our Knowledgeable Crew deliver supervised activities, courses and coaching programs, with regular high-quality route setting and a vibrant social scene. We're proud to be part of an independent Norwich and a host venue for Professional Climbing Awards and National Climbing Competitions.

This year 'Competition Climbing' will debut at the Tokyo Olympics, so why not make 2020 the year you Get Climbing!


If you are a complete beginner with limited or no previous experience, we’d recommend reading our Indoor Climbing 101 which answers our most commonly asked questions, for example, “what is climbing" "What are the risks? “, and “can I just turn up and climb?”.

If you've already done your research or, have previous training and experience, the signposts below will direct you to the relevant pages on our website. If you have any other questions, please get in touch.

We look forward to hanging out with you!

Adult Beginners

If you have little or no climbing experience, or just want to have a go. View our taster sessions and courses here.

Youth U18

Under 18’s need to be supervised when climbing. We have a progressive Activity and Coaching Program for Juniors, Youths and Teens.

Experienced Climbers

If you are a competent, independent climber, you will want to know about coaching courses or our registration process.

Bring a Group

Booking a party, group or want to use our facility as a Climbing Professional? Go Here!



The staff are so good with children- they really make the session fun and are kind gentle people. The recruitment is excellent because the feeling is the same no matter who or how you are dealing with the crew (phone or in person). The cafe is great and the clientele are charming and cut from the same cloth as the crew. Like attracts like in this case and it all inspires me to have a go too. Quality- I highly recommend it. My 7 year old daughter hates loud music and she loves the relaxed atmosphere here. Well done Highball.

Pippa M Facebook

What a fantastic place! Extensive climbing walls and bouldering. These folk are all experienced climbers and this a good place for the complete beginner or anyone looking for a friendly climbing gym. Safety first - they keep you very safe and go at the right pace. An added bonus; it has a great little cafe with home-baked goods and excellent coffee.

Nick B TripAdvisor

I've been coming here since 2014, on and off. Literally! A great place to be. Positive vibe, great for physical and more importantly mental well being. Great food and coffee. Great people, climbers and staff.

Karl J TripAdvisor

"Took my 7 and 9 year old for their first 'proper' climbing experience and they loved this place. A professional outfit and very safe environment."

Richard W Google

"Many people have commented on how brilliant the instructors are with children but they are equally as helpful and knowledgeable with adults alike. Amazing place to develop climbing skills whatever level or age you are."

Jill S Facebook

"Took my boyfriend here for his birthday. We both thoroughly enjoyed it! Great place with a great atmosphere! Nice community calmed me right down and I can't believe they got me bouldering confidently so quickly! Would definitely love to go back!"

Caitlin Q Google Review

"First time here tonight and absolutely loved it. Nice and easy setup and even on a busy night there was loads of room to climb. Even had a break with a drink and cake and it was lush! Very reasonable price and would highly recommend. Especially if you're a novice with no strength like me, a great place to learn at your own pace."

Harry B Google Review

"Great bouldering venue with some top-roping and auto-belay routes too. Routes changed regularly. Great little cafe and pizza on Thursday nights. Also a gym and yoga classes available."

Simon F Google Review

"Fantastic climbing center, especially for bouldering. Best for bouldering by far! Staff were great too and nice and chilled out. Would love to come back."

Jamie B Google Review