When did you join the Highball Crew?
September 2017

What’s your job title at Highball?
Currently, it's mainly Marketing Assistant, but I used to be part of the Coaching team. We all muck in for most jobs so you'll find me behind reception as well.

What is your preferred discipline of climbing?
Tough one, I like all disciplines of climbing. I started climbing 'Trad' originally but being stuck in Norfolk it's moved to predominately bouldering.

What are your climbing goals or projects for 2021?
The tick list is huge! I won't be listing them all, but a couple from the Peak are 'Trust' at The 5 Clouds & 'The Storm' at Stanage Plantation, one I'm super keen to get done in the lakes is 'Monkey Trunk' at Carrock Fell.

Hobbies / Interests outside of work?
Outside of climbing I have a couple of other hobbies including, Snowboarding, photography, and being a bedroom DJ.

Super Powers: Which one would you choose?
Teleportation for sure, allows me to travel at the click of a finger. No more long journeys!

Two truths and a lie.
I passed out just before meeting Prince Phillip from heat exhaustion and had to meet him with me laying on my back, legs in the air. I can do a standing backflip. I broke my tibia which then took 105 days to heal due to malnutrition while in the US. 

"Before I joined Highball I was traveling around Canada and America unsure what to do with my life after Uni. While in Canada I was working at a ski resort within BC, free snowboarding and cheap beer can't complain! While in the states I was working as a Climbing Instructor and Camp Directors' assistant doing lots of jobs.

Away from Highball and climbing, I have a few other past times, snowboarding as mentioned above when I can actually get to a slope, casual photography which turns out to be mainly landscape pictures and images of people climbing. Many moons ago I used to be a co-owner of a sound system as well which I loved, it was a different kind of thrill putting on events and then being one of the in-house DJs. I learned to DJ using vinyl (the true DJ form) but since traveling moved to digital. My collection has started to grow again though which I'm stoked about, just need more room in my house for my full setup and vinyls! I'm often climbing in my own time still trying to get back on the psyche train! Lockdowns definitely haven't helped me in that sense, but with goals in mind I'll get back on it."