• When did you join the Highball Crew
    September 2017

  • What's your job title at Highball
    Receptionist, Head Stripper & Apprentice Route Setter.

  • What is your preferred discipline of climbing?
    Probably outdoor bouldering, I haven’t tried much outdoor sport but from what I have I’ve also enjoyed that. Sadly indoors just doesn’t inspire me as much.

  • What are your climbing goals or projects for 2021?
    To rekindle the motivation to climb hard outdoors, it has certainly dwindled throughout the many lockdowns. And Gargantoit (Fontainebleau) if I'm feeling strong enough!

  • Anything on the bucket list? 
    Get surgery on my knee, get a V11 outdoors and visit New Zealand

  • Any travel plans when COVID allows? 
    Go back to Fontainebleau asap, Yosemite for some prick's wedding and Germany for the Christmas markets at some point!

  • Two truths and a lie. 
    A: I love James B: I love Adam C: I love Jake


My name is Michael, but no one actually calls me that. I’ve worked at Highball for a few years now doing the odd bit of Reception and also am now dabbling in Route Setting more recently.

You will often see me wearing yellow, that is probably the only notable feature about myself, I used to climb somewhat hard but alas I am lazy.
I once climbed a 7b outdoors and am hopeful to reach that level again one day when I find some motivation, for now I’ll continue to eat and sleep with minimal guilt.

My favourite animal alive is a polar bear, dead is a therizinosaurus cause they’re kinda cool? I like the colour yellow and I ride a fixie.

I have a sister and shes’ better at pretty much everything, but I’d still beat her at the important things like Runescape.