• When did you join the Highball Crew?
    April 2016.
  • What's your job title at Highball?
    My main role is in the Service Crew, but help with setting, testing and the shop. I'm also the Highball Hottie in training. Long Live JP.
  • What is your preferred discipline of climbing?
    Power Endurance: ‘Leading’ a life of Bouldering made me realise that training the power endurance for Bouldering has allowed me to enjoy my sessions for so much longer. Finishing a session because your finger skin has given up before your forearms/arms is always a lovely feeling in my opinion.
  • What are your climbing goals or projects for 2021?
    Go Outdoors. Not as a sponsored answer but rather an incentive to boulder outdoors. My indoor bouldering has never been tailored around getting outside, until the past year during Covid, being a gaming shut-in over lockdown made me realise how much more beneficial it would be to train for outdoor bouldering to enjoy the amazing areas it can take you to as well as the change of social scenery.

  • Favourite Book?
    Redwall Series (Childhood Classic)

  • Favourite TV show/film?
    Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse 

  • Favourite holiday destination?
    Scotland (Not too far but beautiful)

MY Bio-Yogurt

"From a gremlin gamer shut-in, playing video games 8hrs a day minimum, to a climbing creep shut-in who wants to climb for 8hrs a day minimum. Climbing was ‘encouraged’ by my Dad who was determined to tear me away from the Computer, little did he know it would cost him more than a lift or two from the crippling addiction I’ve developed. I dabble in Photography and Videography but nothing major apart from as a general hobby. You can normally find me beta spraying around Highball so just follow the noise of inconsistent and incorrect beta shouting."