When did you join the Highball Crew?

What's your job title at Highball?
Visionary / Managing Director

Come and Talk to me about...
Hot Aches & Altitude Sickness, Scottish Winter, Alpine Climbing & Expeditions, LFC, MotoGP, Ducatis

What is your favourite thing about working at Highball? 
The people, the stories, and how Highball (and Climbing) makes a difference to their lives.

What are your climbing goals or projects for 2021?

  • Cuillin Ridge, Isle of Skye
  • Have a few weekends on the grit..
  • Maybe a short Spanish sport trip if Covid allows it.
  • Be ready for Scottish Winter 2022.
  • Not a climbing goal but I’m running the London Parks half marathon for prostate cancer in October.

Favourite Album?
Global Underground 009, Sasha - San Francisco

Favourite Quote?
"It’s all part of your personal development”

Favourite holiday destination?
My favourite climbing destinations are Scotland (in Winter) and The Alps (in Summer). I wouldn’t classify either as holidays as I tend to come back broken!  If I’m going on holiday with my family or a short break with my wife, it would be Ibiza.

Any travel plans when COVID allows?
Aside from various climbing trips, I just want to go on holiday with my family. It’s been a hell of a year….