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This weekend we will be opening our doors for the first time since 19th March.

We know a lot of you are looking forward to climbing again, but we also understand some of you will be nervous and some may not be comfortable coming back just yet.

Whatever your personal decision, we’re with you; take as long as you need and make a decision which is right for you. 

If you are keen to come back straight away, be aware this is just the start of our re-opening journey. We feel it will be a marathon, not a sprint, and we are taking lots of little steps rather than jumping in with two feet. We will be lead by how the virus reacts, the official guidance and, to a point, customer demand. For example, when climbing gyms opened across Europe, they reported 30-40% pre-COVID capacity in the early weeks. We, therefore, don’t feel we need to open Highball 12 hours a day, 7 days a week, at least initially.

If you want to know what we're doing to keep Highball COVID Safe follow this link.

Here’s a quickfire summary of what to expect, followed by further information:

Bouldering only for pre-existing competent climbers (unsupervised).
+ Supervision of customers, supervision of children (8+) or adult.
New 'Boulder Safety Briefing' sessions are here!
New registrations for Competent Boulderers.
+ New Registrations of climbers who are going to be supervised by an experienced Climber (Supervision is now 1:2).​​​​​​​
Pre-booked climbing sessions with maximum capacity within the guidelines.
Pay As You Go, Punchards & Memberships for booking options.
+ Memberships can be unfrozen, look for an email within your inbox!
Wear a face covering.
Use liquid chalk.
Wash hands upon entry, exit and whenever else is appropriate.
The Strength and Conditioning Area is open to max 8 people. Max 20 mins per person.
Check-out station on exit.
Closed on Mondays with reduced opening hours across the rest of the week.


Pre-Booked Sessions - Bouldering Only

To ensure social distancing and to control numbers, we will re-open with 2-hour sessions for bouldering only. These ‘Open Climbing Sessions’ will need to be pre-booked online. Initially, you will be able to book 5 days in advance and you will be able to book for yourself and others. Sessions are bookable from Thursday 23rd July.

To book your climbing session go here.


Pre-Existing Competent Climbers & Novices Only

Initially, only pre-existing customers who have registered for unsupervised climbing will be able to boulder. This includes young people aged 14+ who have a green card. If you need to be supervised, you will not be allowed to climb for the time being. If you are unsure of your registration status, please get in contact with us.

New Registrations for Competent Climbers

We are now allowing competent climbers that have never been to Highball before to come and climb. You will need to fill out registration forms and answer a few safety questions before being allowed to climb.

Pay As You Go, Punchcards & Members for Booking Options

We're currently on a ‘pay as you go’ basis including punchcards. This is for various reasons, one is to just keep things as simple as possible, another is to get some money in the bank asap and we hope you all understand this. We have reactivated Memberships for those who have filled out a change request form. If you have missed the members-only email, check your inbox again or head here for the change request form.

Wear A Face Covering

You will need to wear a face covering and use it correctly when in the building. It will need to cover your mouth and nose and can only be removed for two reasons:

1. You may remove your mask to have a drink or having something to eat.
2. Wearing a mask is optional in the gym, but we’d encourage you to keep it on if you can.

You will need to wash/sanitise your hands after removing/replacing your mask.

Use liquid Chalk

Most liquid chalks contain 70%+ alcohol - the same as most hand sanitisers, however, the main reasons we want you to use it is to help us keep the centre as clean as possible over the next few months. We have stocked up on it and you will be able to access the shop to buy it before climbing. If you wish to purchase a mask or liquid chalk before you climb, please allow sufficient time to do this. Be aware the shop may be a little busy in the early days.

Wash & Sanitise your hands on entry and exit

We have installed new hand wash sinks outside the building for customers to wash their hands before and after entry. Washing hands is still deemed critical and was one of the first measures to be introduced when the outbreak began. It will be here for the long term and in all honesty, more people should have been washing their hands anyway...

NEW - Check out on exit

We have a new ‘check out’ station which is located near the old water fountain. All customers need to check out using their membership fob or RGPro app. As the operation develops and measures are relaxed, we will be relying on the check in and check out facility to manage numbers in the centre.



The shop and cafe (takeaway) will be available via a separate entrance. If you want to arrive early or, stay later and enjoy a coffee & cake outside or, purchase a facemask or liquid chalk, build this into your plan.



We have updated our Conditions of Use - We strongly recommend you read through these before you come back. By checking in to climb you are agreeing to use the centre in line with this document. 

Some people’s registrations have expired during lockdown. Where people have opted in, we have sent you an email to notify you which includes a  link to our new Acknowledgement of Risk Form. Please complete it before coming to the centre.

Before you book an open climbing session you should consider your health and who you have had contact with. Follow the general guidelines and self-isolate if necessary.