Last Updated: 21/07/2020

We will be opening our doors on the 25th July. Our main focus is making Highball as safe as possible for our people, our community and the future of the business.

The measures we have taken so far are below, this will be kept up to date with guidance or ongoing reviews once we are open. 

For information on how the open climbing sessions will work go here


Reducing Transmission via Airborne Droplets

Social Distancing - We will limit the number of customers and crew in the centre. Initially this will be well within the 1:9m2 suggested in the guidance. We have removed all unnecessary furniture and structures from the centre to create as much space for customers to keep themselves distanced.  

Dedicated Entry/Exit: We have separate entry points for climbing and the shop/cafe (takeaway). Everyone must exit via the side door near the toilets.

Everyone must wear a mask when in the centre. All staff will wear a mask or visor unless they are behind a screen.

Toilets will be one in/one out and customers will be expected to ‘arrive ready to climb’ to reduce the need to use changing areas.

Ventilation - The roller door will be open along with all fire exits. In addition we will have large fans moving fresh air into and around the building.


Reducing Transmission via Surfaces:

We have added new hand wash basins outside the building for customers to wash hands before and after climbing.

We have added hand sanitisers through the centre.

All touch points will be regularly cleaned throughout the day by the crew.

Customers are expected to clean down any equipment they use in the Strength and Conditioning Area.

Customers are expected to wash their hands before and after climbing plus whenever else appropriate.

Wearing face coverings when climbing will help protect the climbing holds from viral load being expelled at extremely close proximity when breathing.

Liquid chalk is preferred due to the 70% alcohol content and keeping the centre as dust free as possible.