T-shirt Design Competition

Highball T-shirt Design Competition!

Update 14/12/20

A winner has been chosen! Matt Rumbelows design made the cut! Well done Matt!




As we go into lockdown #2 we've had a lot to think about and something that has crossed our minds is after 9 years of operating we've not really had any Highball Merch up for sale. So we've taken some inspiration from @volume1climbing and going to ask you guys to help us design a t-shirt!


There are a few conditions you must meet to be able to enter this competition, they are the following:

+ It must include the Highball Triangle or our full logo. See below for full-size images you can use in your design.

+ It can be designed on any colour from this clothing range apart from Red (these are reserved for Crew t-shirts).

+ Suitable for all ages

+ Design can be on the front, back, sleeves or sides (get creative!)

+ Deadline for designs is midnight on 23rd November

+ Share your designs on Instagram or Facebook for us to share the designs & send the designs to hello@highballnorwich.co.uk


The crew will then choose a winning design after the closing date.
If your design is chosen then you will also receive 2 copies of the t-shirt alongside a month's FREE climbing!

We have a couple of designs we will be getting printed but thought why not get you guys involved! Time to get creative!