Highball COVID-19 Update

Date: 23.03.20

Dear Highballers

Re: Memberships, Punchcards, Gift Cards & Vouchers

Over the last week, we have had many chats, emails, and messages of support with many kinds offers; 'is there any way we help?', ‘can we still buy things online?’, 'can I keep paying my membership'. The short answer is, yes, but we will cover this later in the week.

As promised in last Wednesday’s ‘Closure Announcement’, here is the update on your Memberships and Punchcards, plus also Giftcards and Vouchers; we’ve tried to keep it simple and straight forward.

All pre-paid memberships (monthly, annual etc..) will be frozen - free of charge - as of 16 March 2020 and the remaining days in March will be effectively credited to your account. i.e. your freeze starts on 16 March not the 1 April like a freeze normally would. There will be no monthly charge for the freeze.




If you want to support Highball during this challenging period and continue paying your membership either in full or a different amount e.g. a voluntary freeze fee, keep an eye on your email inbox and our social media feed as we’re working on a range of options.​​​​​​​

All remaining punches on customer profiles will be extended to 31 December 2020. We will review this date in line with how the ‘bigger picture’ develops.​​​​​​​

Gift Cards & Vouchers:
Any gift card, voucher or offer card will be extended in line with our period of closure e.g. if we are closed for 3 months, your voucher will be extended by 3 months. Again, we will review this date in line with how the ‘bigger picture’ develops.


We will be adding a COVID-19 FAQ page to the website asap and will add answers to the common questions we’re asked as things progress. If you have any questions please email and we will get back to you asap.


Keep the love STRONG (and 2 meters apart!)

Mike & The Crew

Date: 18.3.2020

Dear Customers and Friends,

Highball will be closing it’s doors from 10pm tomorrow (19.3.2020) and we expect it to be for more than ‘just a few weeks’. We hope this will be a temporary closure and will do everything we can behind the scenes to come out of this as strong as possible.

We have consistently and carefully listened to the official information and advice, both nationally and locally, and believe now is the appropriate time to close, given our geographic location and how the virus is spreading.

Our planned and considered decision to stay open was never about money; we’re losing money whether we stay open or close. The fact is we’d rather lose money while allowing people to continue doing something they loved  - with sensible social distancing measures - for as long as possible. Climbing (and other forms of exercise) play a very important role for mental health and wellbeing, and we know how much Highball and climbing means to people in helping them maintain ‘balance’. 

We’ve been monitoring Coronavirus since January and were advised some weeks ago that the industry was likely to be shut down and therefore, we had a pretty good plan of how to deal with it. Our ‘stage 3’ limited climbing slots have worked really well and we anticipate that when we are allowed to open in the future, we will more than likely need to use this approach as part of a slow-release back to ‘normality’.

All Pre-Booked Instructor Led Sessions will be cancelled/postponed and my team have already started making calls to customers. This will continue for the next few days.

Memberships & Punchcards
We will release a separate communication regarding memberships and punchcards in the very near future. Some of you have asked to keep paying - which is amazing, thank you! - while some of you will understandably need to freeze and use the money for other, more important things. We just need to get to grips with how we are going to action both those things but, rest assured, we’ve got your back and will be in touch soon.

I just want to give the Crew a quick mention; they have been amazing and supported every difficult decision Ben, Guy, and myself have made. I said to the guys in the office on Monday ‘If anyone can get through this, we can’ and I meant it, 100%.... And Benny, - Thank you for making me/us plan for this. 

Finally, I just want to say a huge thank you to all our customers for your constant support and kind messages during this challenging time. Our decision to stay open wasn’t maybe in line with everyone’s own personal view, but I know from speaking to a large number of you that you appreciate the effort and planning we have put in place to try and deal with this as proactively and sensibly as possible.

Look after yourselves, your loved ones, and protect those that need it the most.

Never Stand Still…..


Mike and The Highball Crew