The Atmosphere

Well after a few relaxed days off eating, drinking and socialising everyone was pumped to get back on the wall and get sending! Guy had a solid team of Gilby, James and Luke helping to set the second round! They put some beasts up on the wall for sure this round! More of what we would call a ‘droppable set’ with techincal moves instead of just ‘cranking hard’.

With 4 different boys setting there was a nice array of styles within the comp too giving that little bit more variety and keeping it spicy!

Eveyone seemed in high spirits with many using it as a catch up with friends after a short break, nice to see everyone in the Highball Family smiling, chatting and most importantly sharing beta.

Kev giving us the best gurn on camera for the White on the Slab on Friday

Attacking The Blocs

Guy and the crew really brought the big guns out for Round 2. With the highest score being 247, from the resident strong boy Jude, it certainly was a bit tougher than the previous set! One of the more decpetive routes, that looked easier than it was the yellow rails going through the Xcult Logo. Many people found getting the bonus a little harder than expected, especially depending which way you went about climbing it. It didn’t matter too much falling off those there where still smiles and many an excuse about too many Christmas dinners.

Wrap Up For WBL Round 2

All in all a good turn out again for Round 2, with 49 of you uploading your scores to our form, we know there was more than that competing; but we all do it for our own reasons, whether its a test against yourself or actually entering the comp, we’re just happy that people come and get involved!

Raffle prizes went down a treat, with some classic Highball Vouchers alongside some goodies from Snowfit to keep anyone warm this Winter! Play Your Cards Right didn’t have a winner this round, so the £25 rolls over until next round for someone to have a chance of winning £50!

WBL R2 Results

Senior Female
1st – Ella Gilbert
2nd – Rachel Briggs
3rd – Maddie Benjamin

Youth A Female
1st – Hannah Brown

Youth B Male
1st – Alfie Edwards
2nd – Sam Pestell
3rd – Oscar Hall de Bueno

Senior Male
1st – Jude Clark
2nd – Gary Smith
3rd – John Golder

Youth A Male
1st – Ben Pestell
2nd – Alex Corless


1st – Craig Smith
2nd –  Jason Downing
3rd – Richard Benjamin

Youth B Female
1st – Lily Bird
2nd – Gina Parr
3rd – Beth Barnard

Full table of scores

For a full table of results follow this link.

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